Christian Rural Eye Sight Promotion (CRESP) is a non-profit organization in Mbale District (Eastern Uganda) with the overall goal to improve vision, prevent avoidable blindness and promote health in under-served communities and to instigate the social-economic impact of blindness on individuals, families and communities.

The program is mainly donor-funded and the activities are carried out by CRESP staff, partners and volunteers. Since its inception in 1997, there have been numerous eye camps and outreach clinics. In the past, the program has been funded in several ways including; procurement of office equipment, facilitation of mobile eye clinics and outreach clinics.

Role of CRESP Board of Directors

The Board attends all meetings including extra-ordinary and subcommittee meetings that help CRESP make headway in fulfilling set objectives.

Role of CRESP Donors

Donors fund CRESP’s operational strategy and plan of action.

Role of CRESP Staff and Volunteers

Staff and volunteers are committed to engage in the activities to fight against avoidable blindness.

Role of CRESP Partners

Partners mainly receive and share information regarding blindness with the clients referred. Other partners, like schools and hospitals, host the activities of CRESP.